Napoleon Kittens For Sale

Top right is Pumpkin, female, standard red and white bicolor $1500 as pet, SOLD

Top middle is Candy Corn, female, standard, flame point, SOLD

Bottom is Harvest, male, nonstandard, silver shaded $500 as pet SOLD

Top right is Hunter, male, nonstandard, chocolate point with white, $500 as pet, SOLD


Top left is SAGE, male, standard, chocolate point with white $1500 AVAILABLE

Top middle is SPARROW, MALE, standard, chocolate lynx point with white, $1200 as pet due to bite being off somewhat, AVAILABLE

Top right SPICE, chocolate point, standard female, $1500 as pet, SOLD





Napoleon are $1500 for pet standards.   Standard breeders/show cats are  $2200.  Nonstandard pets are  $500, nonstandard breeders $1200.  We will be adding the rare odd-eyed gene to what we are producing this spring.  Prices will be higher for odd eyed kittens.      ALL MONEY PAID ON A KITTEN IS NONREFUNDABLE UNLESS THE KITTEN DIES.  DEPOSITS CAN TRANSFER.


Our first fall litter has arrived from Eclaire and Indiana Jones.  Below you will find pics of the kittens.  Individual kitten pics will be done at 2 weeks of age. Due to WordPress changing its entire set up and me trying to figure it out, the pics of the new litter posted at the top of the page. Hopefully I will figure this change out soon!