Napoleon Kittens For Sale



************************************************************************************************************************************ Napoleon are $1400 for pet standards.   Standard breeders/show cats are in the $2000-2200 range.  Nonstandard pets are  $500, nonstandard breeders $1200.  We will be adding the rare odd-eyed gene to what we are producing this spring.  Prices will be higher for odd eyed kittens.      ALL MONEY PAID ON A KITTEN IS NONREFUNDABLE UNLESS THE KITTEN DIES.  DEPOSITS CAN TRANSFER.


Spring has sprung!  Two new litters are now here.  Tinsel has 4 nonstandard kittens on April 5th and Éclair had 3 kittens, two standards and one nonstandard on April 10th.  Everyone is doing fine.  I will post pics once eyes are open.  Kaycee is due June 17th as she did not take as I anticipated.




Tinsel and Armani’s babies arrived April 5th.  They are all nonstandard.  Sorry folks!



MURPHY, MALE, nonstandard, chocolate silver – SOLD


IMG_1968 (1)

FINLEY, female, light fawn/chocolate spots with darker chocolate tail, nonstandard-SOLD to Perez family



CAMILLIA, Female, nonstandard, faint chocolate starting to show up on tail, but high white likely – SOLD to the Maucieri’s



PIPPA, female, nonstandard, chocolate and white- available – $500 SOLD to Justice


Eclaire had 3 kittens on April 10th.  There are two standards and one nonstandard.


JULIANNA, standard, chocolate point female- SOLD to Teisha



DIXIE, nonstandard, chocolate lynx with white, Female-SOLD to Larisa



ELI, standard, male, cream lynx point, SOLD to Audrie