Himalayan Persian Kittens/Adults For Sale

past litter


I HATE baths and photo shoots!  Take me back to Momma!!



Himalayan/Persian kitten prices are:  pet price is $650-700, breeder/show price is $1200.



On 1/23/18 I made the difficult decision to spay Whimsy after her suffering multiple episodes of mastitis, and a difficult time maintaining weight due to severe heat cycles.  We are not at this time replacing her with another queen, but probably will in the future.  So for now, Persian kittens are on hold.

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Who is that red guy with the beard?!!



Katzeye Ain’t No Doubt (Whimsy)  $300

Beautiful 3 year old, spayed Persian.  She is the sweetest cat you will ever own.  Being a mother was just too hard on her body, so she is looking to be your lap baby.  She is registered, up to date on all shots, worming, and was recently spayed.  Give us a call if you are interested!

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