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“Oh, I just adore her!  She loves to purr.”–  Kristin


“He did great on the ride home.  He went to purring about Seagoville and he hasn’t quit yet!  He already has the run of the house and he is playing with everything.  My wife still can’t get over me keeping him hid out until now!  Thanks you for having him as he is PERFECT.”           Rocky,  Tyler, TX



Oh, she is so fun.  The first day I picked her up she just slept the rest of the day, but that night she started to explore and play.  Now she runs around and plays and she is eating and drinking.  And she hasn’t had an accident on the floor not once.  She is so fun 🙂  Crystal,  Cleburne, TX


“She is so cute!  She slept all the way home and when we got htere, she seemed to know right where her scratch post was and started using it right away!  I showed her a couple of times the litter box and she hasn’t had a boo boo yet!  We snuggled on the couch most of the night.  She has a water fountain and has been drinking plenty of water.  She is adorable, active, and playful.”         Greta,  Coppell, TX



I just wanted to forward you a picture that you could use to post on your site of little Taz with my daughter as she prepared for the prom.  She and I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful and playful kitten.  He runs to me when I get home from work which is very nice.  Again than you so much.   Torres family, Key West, FL


“He is a real cutie and so sweet.  Very playful, energetic and quite the climber…going to have to buy a taller playhouse for him.  I haven’t stopped laughing all morning.”    Marie,   Highland Village, TX


Fin did great his first night, slept in his kennel until about 1:30 when he softly let out a meow because he needed to go to the litterbox and get a drink, oh, and play!  No accidents, using the litterbox great, eating great, and getting spoiled more and more every minute!  He is a joy!  Kendall is in pure kitty heaven!  Thanks!           Kristi,  Euless, TX


My recent purchase from you of a Flame Point Persian I call “Champ” (because he is a Champion” to me in all he does” has been a true lifesaver and God send.  How can one tiny kitten bring so much joy, laughter, love, and companionship to a human being?  This kitten is PERFECT, he is healthy, was box trained, had great manners and is so very smart that at only 3 months of age he can understand what furniture and tables he can get on and which ones are off limits.  He loves his toys and his cat condo and never fails to let you know if you put something on his property.  Even his groomer has said he is a perfect gentleman when he goes for his occasional appointment.  I want to thank you for the love and dedication you give to your kittens, cats, and breeding program.  If all breeders were like Windsweptt, we would have a healthier and happier breeding program across the country.  I live alone and this kitten is a true delight.  Each morning I get up and and his purring greets me… Thank you, Linda, for your true love and dedication to Persians and for allowing me to be owned by the most beautiful, smartest and loving kitten any human could be owned by.  Keep up the good work…

Suzanne, Abilene, TX



Reeses is such a wonderful kitten.  Very playful, personable and cuddly.  She loves to interact.  She is adorable and we just love her!  She loves to eat and is using the litter box perfectly now.  The whole process of adopting this kitty has been wonderful.  Julie, McKinney, TX

Lovebug, they just don’t come any sweeter!


Oh my goodness, she has made herself at home almost immediately.  Haven’t introduced dogs or the other part of the house yet.  She has been so good!  She is already so spoiled.  Evan has spoiled her much and Malibu just loves her.  I swear Mailbu is already attached to Evan.  Thanks again, she has been the perfect addition to our family.

Shannon & Evan, Highland Village


I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for a very pleasant experience buying my last 4 babies from you.  Each and every time we bring them home, they settle right away with my other family members.  It’s so hard not to want to spoil them as they are cuddly and loving!  You have always been professional with me.  I appreciate you and think you are doing a very good job!

Heidi, Midlothian, TX

SOLO, at his new home with Frank and Heidi playing his Ipad game!!


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“Hello!”  I bought a kittem from ya’ll last year and we absolutely love her!  Here are some pictures of our Posh.”



Zaley is great!! She and I shared my daughter’s bathroom and bedroom the first few days and she adjusted right off, never hiding under furniture and not one accident.  She is completely adjusted to the entire house now and gets along with our sixteen year old cat.  She made her first trip to Florida for Christmas and did superb in the care both going and coming back.  We got to our daughter’s and she never missed a beat.  She played with my daughter’s Persian and Himi like they had always been together.  She has been such a comfort to me with M getting married and moving to Florida.  Again, she is precious and a blessing to our family.              Debbye, Oklahoma


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I just wanted to send you a more current picture of Roland and let you know that Roland is well and happy.  I never dreamed that he would turn out this beautiful.  He is very loving and likes the other cats.  He is a little shyer than my oher cats even though he is much bigger than they are.  I have experienced some very difficult times recently, and he is a constant source of joy and comfort for me.         Donna


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Danielle and her new fur baby.  Are they perfect for each other?

“He is doing wonderful…Everyone is very excited to have him.  He is eating and drinking.  Thanks again for everything, you have been great to deal with and if you ever need a recommendation for your business, we would be happy to provide one.”  The Nichols


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I was looking a long time for a Napoleon to add to my small breeding
program. Although Napoleons are known to be a very healthy breed, I
wanted an exceptional Napoleon. Socialization of the kitten is as
important as health, in my opinion. So the task was not so easy. I was
referred to Linda by another very reputable Napoleon breeder. Linda
asked me many questions regarding my breeding practices as any breeder
that loves and cares for their kittens would. She obviously cares where
her kittens go. She had a new litter and immediately, we fell in love
with Linda’s little kitten that we soon named Texas Rodeo. He had the
most captivating, perfectly round, huge eyes I have ever seen! Linda
was very kind and patient with all of my questions regarding genetic
health and her breeding practices. By the time we finished, I was
absolutely convinced that Texas was our boy! I flew from CT to TX to
pick our kitten up when he was old enough to take home. Right away, I
noticed that he was very well socialized. He was not the least bit
skittish, and he walked with a tiny but very confident strut. It has
been a year now, and he is now our stud producing kittens that are just
breath taking! Texas is a very healthy, sweet, and incredibly loving
young boy now. He is the show-stopper at our home. Whenever anyone
comes over, he struts right to the door as if to say, “Yeah…I know,
I’m stunning!” And everyone MUST greet him first. He will climb into
anyone’s lap especially if they are not focused directly on him.
Everyone, I mean everyone, that meets him is just in awe at how
incredibly friendly he is. To meet Texas is to want a Napoleon. He’s
such a great ambassador for the breed! Here is Texas when we first got
him. And also a picture of him now.
To say that we are pleased with Linda as a breeder and with Texas as
our cat is just an understatement. Breeders like Linda are a gem to the
cat fancy! We just LOVE Windysweptt for their dedication, love and
integrity, and HIGHLY recommend her!



“Denver has had a great day.  I think we wore him out.  So cute and precious!”

The Tidmores, Texas


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“I want to thank you again.  I couldn’t be happier with him.  He is so active and playful.”

The Starretts, Texas



I think their faces pretty well say it all.  This is Romeo with his new sweet owner Makaila!  Aren’t they a perfect match?!


“Where do I start?  We looked for kittens for a while and were truly blessed to come across Linda’s cattery!  The whole experience from the start was great, she takes great care of her kittens and it is obvious in everything she does.  She is so kind and friendly and eager to answer questions and offer suggestions about any and every question you could have and believe me, I had several.  I would recommend her to everyone without hesitation and Hank, now know as Troy is the sweetest and most beautiful kitten I’ve seen, he loves to be handled and seeks out attention and is just a doll!  We are still waiting on our other kitten from Linda and we just can’t wait!  Her kittens are the most beautiful Ive seen.  Thanks you, Linda, for everything you do.  You are the best!”   The Said family in Garland